Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Woman, you are Mother.
By -Mahesh Kulkarni
Woman is mother, woman is friend, woman is wife, woman is daughter, and woman is a usable item in sex. What a harsh extremity in one sentence indeed!
Sometime I bring this harsh reality deliberately to the notice of girls around. So that they should oppose this, discourage this, hate this. And not become part of it. Female, although not alone, but is a creative representation of the nature. This is more than a male because in mammals female holds the kid in womb for some months. India has a culture where women are revered extremely. Woman is compared with deity. Our all ethics, manners suggest us to give respect to woman. Women have potential qualities that have made huge contribution to the progress of mankind. Female is a technical word while girl or woman is social word referred to specific gender of human being. We never say girl dog or a woman cat. So there is more cultural attribute that encloses around these words. Nature has made her creative, caring, caressing, loving, and courting but a leading one. Although many civilizations and societies were and are today also conservative towards treatment to women but again it has been proved that woman plays important role in society in creativity, laying foundation of some thoughts and principles for centuries to witness.
Nature has given several qualities to female in general and human female in particular. She has utmost tolerance, love, forgiveness, caring and ability to lead because not only that she has to create but even has to grow the breed in as good as possible manner. See a naked child in a slum has a mother and president of a richest country also has a mother who must have brought him up from his kid hood, childhood up to his grown up age. There are several corners of a woman to make her highly venerable character in human life. Human society is based on culture that can be discussed in due course below in this text. But this culture in any civilization is passed from generation to generation by a mother. Even the mother that play significant role to build a character of a human child is also nursed and brought up by mother. In our cultured society latter even she plays a vital role to be a sister and to be a wife and to be a teacher. We find out there in society she leads thoughts and creativity and you notice that even in administration from a small to very large scale she manages by the built in qualities of caring mother and acquired qualities what any male also would have had. So projection of a female on medias and internet as a usable item of sex is certainly taking us towards horrible destruction of a society which may be severe than several nuclear explosions. Man and woman are the two otherwise distinct entities of one animal created by nature. Distinct, because naturally they are but except physical attributes and social responsibilities they both are human beings. And yet a woman is thus projected adversely, leads to the destruction of not half but the entire human society. These roles as mother, sister, daughter, wife, sister-in-law, mother-in-law even for that matter are the product of culture based society. A human society is ultimately a product of marriage and family systems.
Now where and how shall we define a culture? Where already several definitions are available, yet I would say intellect and vision (sight) for decency what looks for the beauty of life is a culture. The objective may be decency or beauty of life as a prime. There may be a scope of differences and debates here but I would observe they may be unnecessary and may mar by diversion the point of discussion here. So I will prefer to appeal the debate over culture’s definition to be avoided. The behavioral fundamentals that make human being different from other animals should be arrived at what is called as culture. Let’s elaborate or convince something here. The way cloths and way of cooking came out of need, intellect and then decency, similarly marriage system, family and ultimately relations came out of intellectual thinking and need of peace and settlement from nomadic nature to farming. But these fundamentals extremely differ from other animals. We must first accept a fact that humans are also animals and then start discovering what make them extremely different from other animals. Although we see most of the animals’ mother that produces a same breed but except few animals we have not seen father, siblings like relations and affection and constraints based on this relations. They do have sex with mother, daughter, and sisters. They do have sex that is exposed without any need to be shamed off. We, for so called culture do not accept this as long as we speak about culture. Animals do not marry and except few do not follow family system so they do not have issue of pre marital and extra marital sex. We see in porn stories sex between such above said relations and regarding pre marital and extra marital sex, I see that media and internet sites are, I would say, looks like indirectly advocating it. We always come across condoms while talking about AIDS. But we don’t see along with promotion of condoms the refrain based cultural values are stressed upon. The reality is that it can not be averted entirely but that does not mean we accept and indirectly advocate it. This is destroying one of the major differences between animals and humans. Several countries are heading towards free sex. They are becoming more and more casual about pre-marital and extra marital sex. Partial sexual activities and courting have started happening in public. We used to say that late night Navaratri utsav, Christmas etc were leading to several abortions of unmarried girls. Now fortunately or unfortunately the technology allows them to compromise on cultural values without loosing their image and in turn that gives them more confidence to continue the same way. Here one interesting point to be noticed. Any one opposing, criticizing this is considered conservative or some logical points are brought to convince otherwise. But the fact remains, reminds and asks us that then where do we have difference between animals and humans. And on top of this though females also are part of it or leading it, they hardly think that they have been made “item”. The porn projection of woman is perhaps the most ugly, dirty and unfortunate in human society today. Today, World has some common subjects of concern like smoking, terrorism, racism, global warming. I think downfall of a culture should be a matter of concern leading in a list for world in general and country in particular. Don’t you agree? Ok. Then we are very soon becoming wild animals. We had a ruler who used to eat human body stuffed in rice or we have gang rapes that are often seen, heard all over the world. What is a quality of life, just the intellectual development? Where is perpetual beauty of life? Where is decency of life what culture aims at?
Nature has made woman beautiful. But more than her beauty as a sex idol in fact her motherliness is beautiful, million time more beautiful. Lord Krishna said in Bhagwadgita that a sex done for producing breed is he himself. And thus it (sex) is beautiful. But nature increased it to great extent by across gender attraction, life styles. And today’s world brought the same sex to its extreme vulgarity. Do we advocate this? Or we the humans aim at decency, perpetual beauty and have many things to do since very creative and intellectual brain nature has given to human beings. I think women have played a vital role in building, safeguarding the culture for centuries. This women’s role is far more significant than men’s role in beautifying human culture in any civilization. The emergence of marriage and family system and its survival is caused by both men and women. But, I would say substantially by women. See nature has also made them suitable for that task. Females are passive at initial stage of sex. Let me not be that conservative. I would agree that craze for sex, premarital and extra marital have been their in human societies for centuries but may be in last one century since females fascinated, educated and started taking lead in sex, we see that situation has become most ugly and horrible. This is because already nature had made males active partner (Initial). It is the woman that can really lead society to maintain and grow values of life. And she has in fact done it so in any civilization of several centuries. So the period that sees downfall of woman sees downfall of human society itself. Woman in general has to be highly venerable in society for a society to maintain peace, pleasure, progress and piousness because woman in particular is a mother and thus collectively too. Lots of text, biographies and auto-biographies have been written of or by extra ordinary personalities of world giving credits to the immense contribution of their mother who brought them up to such high position in society. The list of great women who made great contribution to human society will be huge but we may prefer to mention few for the point. We have women who have done peerless achievements in every walk of life. The women show their impact of presence today in astronomy, civil aviation, space research, medical research, engineering and what not.
Oh Mother! You are Durga, Shiva, Kshama,Dhatri. You are mother Mary. Mother! You are Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati. You are Marie Curie. Yes Mother! You are that Marie Sklodowska Curie who was the first woman to be awarded Nobel Prize. Marie discovered two new elements Polonium and Radium when she did her work on radioactive materials. This mother lost her kids due to radiations, herself died of blood disease caused by her research. But today, several cancer patients and their dear ones should be grateful to her for cancer treatment enabled due to the research of this great woman, who was awarded two Nobel Prizes. Marie Curie, even was a mother of Nobel Prize winner. See the unique example in world history. But not only Marie Curie. Millions of pages may not be enough to express gratitude and appreciations to several such women who have done immense contribution to mankind. Even enlisting such women may take us away from the point in fact it should emphasize the objective of this writing. In such contrast see the mother on the other hand. Oh Mother! They made you naked on those porn sites. Mother, though you are the other name of forgiveness, kindly do not forgive them. But in fact you lead them, change them. Oh Mother! You are Gerty Theresa Cori (US – Glycogen – Scientist), You are Maria Goeppert (Us _ Nuclear Scientist), You are Lilavati, Lopamudra, Sister Nivedita,Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Annie Besant, Zansi ki Rani Laxmi Bai. Oh Mother! You were commander of an aircraft I traveled in last week and you are the president of my country too. Oh Mother! You are the mother of any good quality I am perhaps known for. Oh Mother! You are two at my home who call me Baba (Father). Oh Mother! More than a person you are a principle around. We the Indians call school as mother, our own country as a mother (mother land), and cow as a mother and pray, worship virgin girls as goddess during Navaratri. And there see mother that they have placed you as “item” on porn. Mother (women), do not forgive them but strongly, unanimously oppose them else breed of mankind will be destroyed.
Today there is lot of talk about equality and women rights but hardly is thought about projection of woman as just item to be used in sex. Is the technology achieved by intelligence taking us away from the culture? The words like harsh or horrible may be found insufficient in their intensity when we look at this projection. Difficult to put it in words here but we see this breaking the barriers of relation when porn stories depict sex. This is the most ugly, dirty, unfortunate page of human life. This is destroying young generation. Some percentage of school goers or early college goers is becoming victim of this.
We have technology available. Why don’t we do this?
1. Demand and apply vigorous content filtration by Internet Service Providers.
2. Highly vigorous laws for cyber café
3. Educating and motivating parents to become more and more vigilant.
4. Client side as well as ISP side restrictions.

Once again without opposing, criticizing we can think about one statement to conclude. I assert strongly that cultural downfall in general and porn in particular is several times more destructive and horrible than terrorism or nuclear arms.


  1. Yes Mahesh a thorough study of peoples' mentality. The fact is people should differentiate between erotica and vulgarity. In all forms you mentioned a WOMAN is always erotic (in respective sense)and dedicated. Just one thing i would like to mention is not only males but certain females are also responsible for this deterioration of the image.

  2. I remember a story that I feel is applicable to people who have lost cultural values - represented in poetic form:

    The fox who had lost his tail found out
    That now he could faster go;
    He had less to cover when hid for prey,
    He had less to carry on hunting day,
    He had less to guard when he stood at bay;
    He was really better so!

    Now he was fine altruistical fox
    With the good of his race at heart,
    So he ran to his people with tailless speed,
    To tell of the change they all must need,
    And recommend as righteous deed
    That they and their tails should part!

    Plain was the gain as plain could be,
    But his words did not avail;
    For they all replied, 'We perceive your case;
    You do not speak for the good of the race
    But only to cover your own disgrace,
    Because you have lost your tail!

    To understand above story from human perspective, consider the Tailless fox who has lost its tail as human beings who have lost their cultural value.

    Regards to all,
    M Jaybharat.

  3. More than anything, like object or item, if only society would view a woman as a human being, that itself would resolve a lot of misdeeds.
    Am not talking of equality with men, because when two human beings cannot be same , how can a man and a woman be the same. The Creator has made each one with different set of strengths and set skills. We are here to compliment each other and work in unison towards a common goal. Each one using their own specialities and moving ahead towards a better society.